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  Plan wisely for your college life. Making a detailed schedule for the things you want to do from Day 1 will enable you to put your ideas into action and achieve your goals. Otherwise, time may slip away before you are even aware of it.


快乐赛车计划  充分利用校园的图书馆。对于大多数人而言,这将是你人生中难能可贵的机会,翱翔在免费的知识海洋里,有针对性地涉猎一些书本知识,对拓展个人视野是非常有帮助的。

  Make the best use of college libraries. It is a treasurable opportunity for most people in their lives to swim in the sea of knowledge, free of charge. Reading with purpose helps to expand your horizons.


  精心收藏大学生活里的风景。在大学校园,在你生活了四年之久的城市,一定留存了很多值得珍藏的回忆。它记录了你一生中最美好的青春。步入社会后你会发现,它是人一生中最纯净、最富有梦想、激情、创造力的岁月。世俗的社会、现实的泥淖,也无法遮掩那夺目的光芒。定格在照片上的隽永回忆,将成为你 精神世界的永恒寄托。

快乐赛车计划  Take pictures of your college life. Keep a record of the campus and the city where you will no doubt spend the most memorable period of your youth. This four-year period will be one of the most amazing times in your life, full of dreams, passion and creativity. Even the harshest realities of the real world won’t cast a shadow over the brilliance. The pictures will help you reflect on these college years and will always serve as a spiritual and emotional anchor, to remind you of your real self.



  Get highly involved in campus and social activities. Immersing yourself into campus life and the local community will help you gain extracurricular knowledge and skills, add spice to your life in college, and allow for friendships with like-minded people.



快乐赛车计划  Skip class occasionally. Some say “college life is not complete without skipping a class”. When necessary, you can treat yourself with a little excitement. A good student does not equate to one sitting in the class and listening to every single word the professor says. Sometimes it is okay to skip non-core classes, or the ones that you have no interest in, since a wise student knows how to save that time for more important matters.



  Organize a trip with classmates. It is a perfect opportunity to experience the warmth and happiness of group travel. It would be regretful not to have such an experience. Travelling with classmates and friends not only saves money, it also helps you learn to take good care of travel companions and allows you to demonstrate esprit de corps and camaraderie.



  Find a part time job and experience the pains and gains. When you look for a part time job, it is important to steer clear of the less important ones and always remember that you are not working simply to earn some extra money. The main aim should be to use the working experience as an opportunity to get to know about society and further motivate yourself. It also gives students valuable experience that might come handy in future job hunting.



  Pursue your true interests. If you have things that really interest you or in your specialized area, put your efforts into them and forge your own path. Don’t let your parents dictate this to you. After all, the future is yours to live.



  Embrace new things. Never let go of any chances, because in college you don’t fully understand who you are and what you will be qualified for in the future. Therefore it is crucial to try new things and seize opportunities, which will help you develop into a well-rounded adult.


快乐赛车计划  大胆尝试一下创业的艰辛与快乐。试着开一家网店,哪怕是摆地摊也可以,不仅成本低,还可以锻炼自己在经营和控制等诸多方面的能力。

快乐赛车计划  Make an enterprising effort and enjoy the challenge of starting up your own business. Be it an online store or a street stall, entrepreneurship offers you the chance to run with low cost and improve your organizational and management skills.


快乐赛车计划  参加励志和健康类课程辅导。鸡汤煲得好,美味又营养。适当地参加一些类似于心理学类、成功励志等课程的辅导或讲座,做一个心理健康的人,对日后走进社会、面对严峻竞争压力的你,尤为重要。

  Attend motivational and health related seminars. ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ is tasty and nutritious. Seminars about psychology or inspirational ones can mentally prepare you for intense future competition.


快乐赛车计划  学会客观地认识与评价自我。不要盲目地与别人攀比,要善于在学习和生活中找准位置,切忌以一些外在的、世俗的指标来定义成功,切忌妄自菲薄、盲目崇拜。

  Assess and look at yourself objectively. Don’t blindly compare yourself with others, and position yourself correctly in study and daily life. It is crucial not to judge yourself and define success based on someone else’s superficial standards or stereotypes. Try not to be overly critical about yourself, and never show blind worship of others.



  Enrich your knowledge and improve your skill sets. Master a professional skill that you enjoy the most and learn to use English and computers well. Your professional skill will be fundamental for your future development, while aptitude for English and computers are simply too important to be neglected.


快乐赛车计划  用真心真情真意轰轰烈烈地爱一次。通过与异性朋友的交往可以学习到很多东西,对了解自己的性格方面有很大的帮助。同时能够与一个志同道合的恋人结伴前行,共同度过大学生活以至未来的人生,将是一件弥足珍贵、美妙无穷的事情。

  Learn to love someone wholeheartedly. Having a loving relationship can teach one a great deal of things and help to shape personality. And if you are lucky enough, you might be able to find someone who truly cares about you and is willing to spend the rest of college days or even life with you.



快乐赛车计划  Be proactive about attending charity events. Four years in college not only grants knowledge but also leaves one with a hefty amount of books and clothes. Donate these surplus items to those in need, who can still make use of them. The fragrance always remains in the hand that gives the rose.


快乐赛车计划  精心准备班级的毕业晚会。非特殊原因,一定要参加并精心准备班级统一组织的毕业聚会,跟相聚了四年的老师和同学有一个美好的道别,为大学生涯画上圆满的句号,否则你会留下一生的遗憾。

  Prepare for graduation ceremony. The graduation ceremony signals the end of a chapter in your life and a beginning of a new one. And it is deservedly important to say goodbye to the classmates and teachers you spend your college years with in an appropriate manner. Not doing so would bring lasting regret.



  Say goodbye to low self-esteem, and start life with confidence. Actually, graduates from key or prestigious universities might not be as great as you think, because only when you start a career in society, will you find out who the real winner is.


快乐赛车计划  走出象牙塔,迎接新挑战。机会总是留给那些有准备的人,到了大三、大四一定要主动出击,走出校门,利用各种社会活动建立自己的人脉,去找工作,而不是等着工作来敲门,天上不会掉馅饼。

快乐赛车计划  Be prepared to face new challenges after leaving the ivory tower. Chance favors the prepared mind. Use wisely the latter years of your college life to attend different off-campus activities. By doing so, you are starting to establish your own professional network for job hunting. There is no such thing as a free lunch. Go out and get it!

  (作者简介: 胡敏,新航道国际教育集团总裁兼校长,被媒体誉为“中国雅思之父”)